Ronin Lift – Battery Powered Ascender

Introducing the Ronin Lift, the battery-powered ascender that was developed for a true adventure. In addition to its affordability, the Ronin Lift is the ultimate go-to device because it is lightweight, contains a hot-swappable battery, is capable of lifting up to 400 pounds, and has a rugged design that will enable you to overcome any of your daily challenges.

Whether it is used for mountaineering, building maintenance, wind tower access, or film/TV rigging, this Battery-Powered Ascender will take your adventure to new heights.



Dimension: 11.35”(L) x 15.39”(W) x 13.35”(H)
SWL: 400lbs
Weight: 25lbs
Material: Aluminum & Stainless steel
Finish: Powder Coat Black
Standards: Full CE and ANSI approval expected 2019
Speed: Ascent – Variable (0.5 – 1.7 ft./per second) ; Descent – 4.0 ft./sec. max @ 400 lbs
Battery Type: 28 VDC Lithium Ion Rechargeable
Battery Re-Charge Time: around 2.5hours
Rope Types: 10-12 mm diameter Aramid or Kernmantle Static Line Rope