SOLO 2 – Rope clamp

A hyperlight compact ascender with an ergonomic design that makes it very easy to use. Perfect for ascension, verified for traversing, and can also be used in block-and-tackle systems. The lower hole is shaped for optimal positioning of the carabiner while the upper hole fits a safety carabiner to secure the rope. The toothed cam is finished with a special anti-wear treatment and features drain holes to help prevent the build up of mud and grit. The opening mechanism is simple and secure with the ability to lock the device open for easier attachment and a removable pull cord that makes it easier to operate while wearing gloves. Aluminum alloy body, precision-cast steel cam.


Ergonomic button Thickness: 3.5 mm for descending. Large opening, it fits finger with gloves.
Aluminium alloy main structure.Thickness: 3.5 mm
Easy-to-use pulling cord. Can be attached or removed according user’s preference.
Precision casted stainless steel locking cam with self cleaning holes.
Geometry verified for loading during traverse.
Weight 95g
Descender/Ascender Solo 2